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So our family isn’t the only thing growing.  It only took one 3 hour car trip with my knees scrunched up to my chin because of the new car seat in the back seat for us to break down and buy a bigger vehicle.  If we were smart and practical we would have bought a minivan, but neither one of us was willing to do it.  So we traded in Darren’s car for this:

 Let’s have a moment of silence for Darren, he had to trade in his beloved WRX.

On the home front.  Kenzie’s cute:

And Ollie screams so much I think I’m losing my mind.


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Quick update

I’m clueless with the new wordpress and how to make the pictures look ok.  You’ll have to deal.
So life here is good.  Very busy but good.  I’m constantly being jostled between pure bliss and complete exhaustion.  The nights are so long. 
Thank you Darren, for all your support.  And thank you Mackenzie, for keeping things in perspective.  Before I know it Ollie will be walking and talking too, and I’ll miss these sleepless nights.

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Cutie pie

Check out his hospital picture!

We’re home and doing great!  Kenzie is the best big sis ever.

More pictures to come.

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Here is little Ollie. 

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Its a…..wait for it…….BOY!!!!!!

Hey Its Darren, I hijacked Kristi’s blog to let you know its a boy!!!!! 

Oliver Patrick Carrara was born at 3:42PM, he was 22″ and weighed 8 lbs 12 oz.

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I’m no Hero…

One advantage of having a baby during the day is the anaesthesiologist is there lickity split.  I got the epidural at 2PM and I am down to one small patch of pain.  Hopefully this baby will be here soon!

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Bring on the pain.

Three hours into the pitocin and I’m feeling it.  The contractions are now making me stop and listen.

And now the dilema……..epidural or no epidural.  I didn’t have time to have one with Mackenzie, she was in a hurry to get into this world.  This baby is the complete opposite already.

Here comes another one.  Oh, that was a good one. 

For some reason I’m reluctant to ask for the epidural.  I have no idea why.  Is it pride, or just plain stupidity?

I have two voices going through my head.  “You can do it Kristi” and “Don’t be a hero”  Which one do I listen to?

One more contraction and I think I’m goin’ for it.

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And so it begins.

11:15 contractions start.

No real pain yet.  For some reason I think that’s going to change real soon!

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Here comes the drip.

10:20 here comes the pitocin. 

I wonder how long until I’m swearing.

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Baby day!

Knowing that the end was in sight I surprisingly slept  better than I have in weeks. 

We arrived at the hospital at 7:00 a.m. and waited, and waited.  The midwife just tried to break my water and now we’re waiting again for labor to begin.  If nothing happens on it’s own, they’ll start the pitocin.

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