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Look at me, I haven’t posted in 2 months and now three posts in a row, I’m freakin’ crazy.

I’ll end my blogging today with a couple pictures.














This may have been one of the reasons we had to ban candy from the house.  Kenzie may have loved her candy just a little bit too much!


Proof that all those sleepless nights were worth it!


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So I have a few resolutions. 

I need to lose some weight.  Damn babies like to leave me with a few extra pounds and I think I must be getting to the end of the time frame where I can say that “I just had a baby”.  Not only that, everyone here needs to start eating better (sorry Darren & Mackenzie, that means you too).  Starting the 1st I’ve eliminated all sweets in the house.  Kenzie and I are still detoxing.

I’m going to make my business successful.  I’d say I was going to try, but that’s not good enough.  I will make it work.  Period.

I also need to find me again.  Since having Mackenzie I’ve kind of lost sight of Kristi, and damn she was fun, so this year I’m going to find her again.  A friend said something that made me realize what I had already suspected.  “As long as you can still call yourself Kristi, and not just Mackenzie’s or Oliver’s Mom, you’re doing ok”.   Well guess what, I haven’t been much besided Mackenzie’s Mom, and I’m kind of bored with myself.  I started off the New Year by reading my first book.  Haha, not my first book, but the first book in three years that had more than 10 words to a page.  The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Dias.  (Thanks Ray for the suggestion)  I finished it in 2 and 1/2 days and damn it felt good!

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Yeah, I know…………

……….it’s been awhile.   That’s what happens when you have 2 kids and are trying to start your own business.  There isn’t time to do squat, except facebook of course.  Damn Boonie suckered me in and now I’m hooked.  Somehow it seems like so much less work than a blog.

I hope you all had a great holiday.  It was so busy I don’t know how I ever had time to hold down a full time job!  Let me tell you, if you don’t already know,  Christmas is so much better when Santa is involved.  Watching Kenzie experience the excitement of Christmas and Santa was amazing.  I have no doubt that each of the coming years will be better than the last.

I have some New Year’s resolutions that I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about, but I’m going to put them in a seperate post.  Why?  Especially since I’m going to write them back to back.  Because I’m crazy and I can.

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How many three year olds can say they got to vote for the President of the United States in a history making election?  I took Mackenzie with me yesterday to vote.  It was the first time for both of us.  She got to pull the little lever.  Hopefully someday she will realize how cool that was.

Now lets see if he will really bring about a change.

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I’m feeling so blessed right now.  Things are getting so much better.  Ollie is not screaming ALL the time anymore.  He’s finally beginning to feel right with the world.  He no longer acts like he wants to climb back into the womb.  He looks around and he smiles and he loves his Momma (and Daddy and big sister Kenzie too)!  It’s amazing the changes that happen in 7 weeks.

Mackenzie is such a sweet, loving little girl.  She’s no longer just my little girl, she’s my little friend. 

And Darren is…………….Darren.  He’s so supportive and patient and he puts up with so much of my crap.  The early months of parenthood are so stressful and can really take a toll on your relationship.  He said something to me last night that rang so true “It’s not always about you.”  Which I know this, I’m not an overly selfish person.  I think I give so much to my kids that I sometimes neglect Darren because I don’t[ have anything left and I know he’ll be there, he’s my rock.  It’s just so hard to balance everything when you’re exhausted all the time.  Sorry I’m rambling.  I just hope he knows how much I do appreciate him.

Anyways……..I’ll leave you all with some pictures.

Damn we make beautiful babies.

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Ding dong the witch is dead!  I’m officially unemployed and I couldn’t be happier! 

Yesterday I went and told the devil that I wasn’t coming back.  She just stared and didn’t say a word.  The look on her face made it all worthwhile.

Now, how to make some money……………

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So our family isn’t the only thing growing.  It only took one 3 hour car trip with my knees scrunched up to my chin because of the new car seat in the back seat for us to break down and buy a bigger vehicle.  If we were smart and practical we would have bought a minivan, but neither one of us was willing to do it.  So we traded in Darren’s car for this:

 Let’s have a moment of silence for Darren, he had to trade in his beloved WRX.

On the home front.  Kenzie’s cute:

And Ollie screams so much I think I’m losing my mind.

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Quick update

I’m clueless with the new wordpress and how to make the pictures look ok.  You’ll have to deal.
So life here is good.  Very busy but good.  I’m constantly being jostled between pure bliss and complete exhaustion.  The nights are so long. 
Thank you Darren, for all your support.  And thank you Mackenzie, for keeping things in perspective.  Before I know it Ollie will be walking and talking too, and I’ll miss these sleepless nights.

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Cutie pie

Check out his hospital picture!

We’re home and doing great!  Kenzie is the best big sis ever.

More pictures to come.

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Here is little Ollie. 

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